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Last Updated June 7, 2019

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Consumers Energy Business Solutions

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Passage of the Clean, Renewable and Energy Efficiency Act of 2008, paved the way for the Consumers Energy Business Solutions Program to provide incentives for customers who upgrade eligible facilities with energy efficient equipment. This incentive program is available to all customers who receive natural gas delivery service from Consumers Energy. Common areas of multi-family or mixed-use buildings are eligible if on an eligible rate schedule.

Prescriptive incentives are available for energy efficiency equipment upgrades and are paid based on the quantity, size and efficiency of the equipment. Custom incentives are available to customers for more complex energy saving measures and must have a payback period of between 1 and 10 years. Custom incentives are paid based on the first-year energy (kWh or MCF) savings, and are eligible for both gas and electricity rebate amounts. Other Consumers Energy incentives are available through the Small Commercial Direct Install, New Construction, Pilot, Michigan Saves and Self Direct Programs. Additionally, a bonus incentive of 15% may be available to customers who purchase equipment manufactured in Michigan.

Incentives paid through this program may be considered taxable income, and the program is required to report the incentive using the IRS Form 1099 if it is more than $600 for certain types of firms. Incentives will be paid only after the project has been completed and the final application has been submitted, reviewed, and approved.