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Last Updated March 21, 2024

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Illinois residents that purchase a new or used all-electric vehicle from an Illinois licensed dealer may be eligible for an Illinois' Electric Vehicle Rebate in the amounts set forth below.

  • A $4,000 rebate for the purchase of an all-electric vehicle that is not an electric motorcycle.
  • A $1,500 rebate for the purchase of an all-electric motorcycle.

Applicants must apply for the rebate during an open rebate cycle and within 90-days of vehicle purchase using the application forms available on this webpage during the open rebate cycle. The most recent rebate cycle opened November 1, 2023, and ran through January 31, 2024. There is a total of $12 million in funding available for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2024.

Eligibility requirements for an EV rebate in Illinois include, but are not limited to:

  • The purchaser must reside in Illinois at time of vehicle purchase and at the time the rebate is issued.
  • The vehicle must be purchased from a dealer located in Illinois and licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State. Rented or leased vehicles do not qualify for the rebate.
  • The vehicle cannot have been the subject of a previous EV rebate under this program in Illinois
  • Only individuals can receive a rebate and can only receive one rebate. Businesses, government units, organizations, and other entities that are not individuals will be denied a rebate.
  • The rebate amount cannot exceed the purchase price of the vehicle.
  • The purchaser must retain ownership of the vehicle for a minimum of 12 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle purchase dat.e
  • The purchaser must apply for the rebate within 90-days after the vehicle purchase date.