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Last Updated January 7, 2021

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Loan Program


Office of Energy Resources

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The Idaho Governor's Office of Energy Resources (OER) State Energy Loan Program offers low-interest loans to make building improvements that will conserve energy and increase energy efficiency projects in Idaho. Qualified projects include insulation, lighting upgrades, windows, weatherization, HVAC, appliances, and renewable energy. See qualifying addendums on the State Energy Loan Program website for project and equipment requirements. 

Loans are leveraged by utility incentives as well as federal and state tax credits and deductions. Loans are 4% interest with 5 year terms. Applications are evaluated on the basis of credit; all loans must be secured with real estate and/or equipment. As of February 1, 2011, loan applicants will be charged credit analysis fees incurred by the Idaho Governor's Office of Energy Resources. Fees for residential loans are $100 and fees for commercial loans are $250. The fee is due after the project analysis is completed and before the credit analysis is initiated. Loans are available for retrofit only, with the exception of some renewable resources.