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Last Updated June 16, 2023

Program Overview


Financial Incentive



Incentive Type:

Loan Program


Idaho Falls Power

Start Date:


Expiration Date:


Web Site:

Applicable Sectors:

Residential, Residential, Residential

Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies:

Heat pumps, Water Heaters, Building Insulation, Insulation


Idaho Falls Power's Energy Efficiency Loan Program offers zero interest loans for qualifying customers to purchase and install efficient electric appliances and implement weatherization measures. The program will loan up to 100% of the actual cost of eligible measures for qualifying customers.

This program is only available to customers with a good payment history with City Utilities (i.e. no outstanding current balance, no disconnects for nonpayment, no delinquencies), and who have minimum of one year payment history with the utility. There is a $25 administration charge to apply. For more information, visit the program website.