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We've found 19 programs for Connecticut.

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NameStateCategoryPolicy/Incentive TypeCreated
Connecticut Clean Energy FundCTRegulatory PolicyPublic Benefits Fund01/01/2000
Renewables Portfolio StandardCTRegulatory PolicyRenewables Portfolio Standard01/01/2000
Fuel Mix and Emissions DisclosureCTRegulatory PolicyGeneration Disclosure01/01/2001
Net MeteringCTRegulatory PolicyNet Metering01/01/2000
Solar and Wind Contractor LicensingCTRegulatory PolicySolar/Wind Contractor Licensing01/01/2000
Interconnection StandardsCTRegulatory PolicyInterconnection02/12/2004
Green Power Purchasing Goal for Federal GovernmentUSRegulatory PolicyGreen Power Purchasing02/19/2004
Connecticut Green Power Purchase PlanCTRegulatory PolicyGreen Power Purchasing04/23/2004
Connecticut Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency StandardsCTRegulatory PolicyAppliance/Equipment Efficiency Standards06/01/2006
Energy Goals and Standards for Federal GovernmentUSRegulatory PolicyEnergy Standards for Public Buildings06/19/2006
Federal Appliance StandardsUSRegulatory PolicyAppliance/Equipment Efficiency Standards06/30/2006
Energy Efficiency FundCTRegulatory PolicyPublic Benefits Fund09/27/2006
Energy Efficiency Requirements for State GovernmentCTRegulatory PolicyEnergy Standards for Public Buildings02/19/2007
Building Energy CodeCTRegulatory PolicyBuilding Energy Code06/20/2007
Interconnection Standards for Small GeneratorsUSRegulatory PolicyInterconnection10/30/2007
Renewable Portfolio Standards - Energy Efficiency ComponentCTRegulatory PolicyEnergy Efficiency Resource Standard12/16/2010
Local Option - Building Permit Fee Waivers for Renewable Energy ProjectsCTRegulatory PolicySolar/Wind Permitting Standards08/09/2011
Non-Residential Renewable Energy SolutionsCTRegulatory PolicyNet Metering06/16/2022
Connecticut Community Solar - Statewide Shared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF) ProgramCTRegulatory PolicyCommunity Solar Rules06/21/2022