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We've found 188 programs for California.

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NameStateCategoryPolicy/Incentive TypeCreated
U.S. Department of Energy - Loan Guarantee ProgramUSFinancial IncentiveLoan Program09/12/2008
IID Energy - Commercial Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program10/02/2008
Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs)USFinancial IncentiveLoan Program10/23/2008
Modesto Irrigation District - Commercial New Construction Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program01/21/2009
Pasadena Water and Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program02/11/2009
Pacific Power - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramsCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program04/01/2009
Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)CAFinancial IncentivePACE Financing04/07/2009
Alameda Municipal Power - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program04/23/2009
Local Option - Municipal Energy DistrictsCAFinancial IncentivePACE Financing07/14/2009
County Wind Ordinance StandardsCARegulatory PolicySolar/Wind Permitting Standards10/14/2009
Sales and Use Tax Exclusion for Advanced Transportation and Alternative Energy Manufacturing ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveIndustry Recruitment/Support03/29/2010
City of San Francisco - GreenFinanceSFCAFinancial IncentivePACE Financing04/16/2010
SCE - Non-Residential On-Bill Financing ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveLoan Program07/13/2010
PG&E - Multifamily Residential Energy Savings Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program07/16/2010
USDA - High Energy Cost Grant ProgramUSFinancial IncentiveGrant Program09/27/2010
SCE - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program05/03/2006
Energy Efficiency Resource StandardCARegulatory PolicyEnergy Efficiency Resource Standard12/21/2010
Marin Clean Energy - Feed-In TariffCAFinancial IncentivePerformance-Based Incentive01/13/2011
Lodi Electric Utility - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program07/19/2006
City of Los Angeles - Green Building Retrofit RequirementCARegulatory PolicyEnergy Standards for Public Buildings03/24/2011
Homebuyer Solar Option and Solar Offset ProgramCARegulatory PolicyBuilding Energy Code03/28/2011
City of San Diego - Sustainable Building Expedited Permit ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveGreen Building Incentive04/25/2011
City of San Jose - Private Sector Green Building PolicyCARegulatory PolicyBuilding Energy Code04/26/2011
Anaheim Public Utilities - Commercial & Industrial New Construction Rebate ProgramCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/23/2006
LADWP - Net MeteringCARegulatory PolicyNet Metering06/07/2011
Los Angeles County - Green Building ProgramCARegulatory PolicyBuilding Energy Code06/17/2011
PG&E - Non-Residential Energy Efficiency RebatesCAFinancial IncentiveRebate Program04/24/2006
San Diego County - Wind RegulationsCARegulatory PolicySolar/Wind Permitting Standards07/20/2011
San Diego County - Design Standards for County FacilitiesCARegulatory PolicyEnergy Standards for Public Buildings07/20/2011
Orange County - Development Standards for Small Wind Energy SystemsCARegulatory PolicySolar/Wind Permitting Standards07/20/2011