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We've found 131 programs for New York.

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NameStateCategoryPolicy/Incentive TypeCreated
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)USFinancial IncentiveGrant Program03/16/2015
Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)USFinancial IncentiveGrant Program03/31/2015
NY-Sun Commercial and Industrial Incentive ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveGrant Program05/05/2015
Fannie Mae Green Financing – Loan ProgramUSFinancial IncentiveLoan Program05/28/2015
Clean Energy Fund (CEF)NYRegulatory PolicyPublic Benefits Fund02/29/2016
Clean Energy StandardNYRegulatory PolicyRenewables Portfolio Standard08/04/2016
Energy Efficiency Resource StandardNYRegulatory PolicyEnergy Efficiency Resource Standard02/22/2017
PSEG Long Island- Commercial Solar PV Feed-in TariffNYFinancial IncentiveFeed-in Tariff02/24/2017
PSEG Long Island- Fuel Cell Resource Feed-in TariffNYFinancial IncentiveFeed-in Tariff02/24/2017
REVitalize- NYSERDANYFinancial IncentiveGrant Program06/27/2017
Energy Conservation Improvements Property Tax ExemptionNYFinancial IncentiveProperty Tax Incentive03/27/2019
NYSERDA Bulk Energy Storage Incentive ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/13/2019
NYSERDA Retail Energy Storage Incentive ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/15/2019
Con Ed Demand Management for Industrial and Commercial CustomersNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program07/01/2019
Energy Storage TargetNYRegulatory PolicyEnergy Storage Target02/26/2020
VW Funding for Diesel Replacement and EVSE ProjectsNYFinancial IncentiveGrant Program06/10/2021
NYSERDA - Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveGrant Program06/10/2021
NYSERDA - Drive Clean RebateNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/10/2021
NYSERDA - Charge Ready NYNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/11/2021
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/11/2021
Alternative Fuels and EV-Recharging Property CreditNYFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Credit06/11/2021
Green Pass DiscountNYFinancial IncentiveOther Incentive06/11/2021
NYSERDA - New York Truck Voucher Incentive ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/11/2021
Offshore Wind StandardNYRegulatory PolicyRenewables Portfolio Standard06/28/2021
Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Tax CreditUSFinancial IncentivePersonal Tax Credit08/18/2021
Central Hudson - Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Make-Ready ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program08/21/2021
Consolidated Edison - Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Per-Plug IncentiveNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program08/21/2021
Consolidated Edison - SmartCharge New YorkNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program08/21/2021
National Grid - DCFC Per-Plug Incentive ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program08/21/2021
National Grid - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Make-Ready ProgramNYFinancial IncentiveRebate Program08/21/2021