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We've found 60 programs for New Mexico.

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NameStateCategoryPolicy/Incentive TypeCreated
Biomass Equipment & Materials Compensating Tax DeductionNMFinancial IncentiveSales Tax Incentive04/29/2005
Clean Energy Revenue Bond ProgramNMFinancial IncentiveBond Program04/29/2005
Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC)USFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Credit03/15/2002
Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Personal)USFinancial IncentivePersonal Tax Exemption03/05/2002
Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS)USFinancial IncentiveCorporate Depreciation03/15/2002
Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Corporate)USFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Exemption03/05/2002
Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)USFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Credit03/11/2002
Energy-Efficient MortgagesUSFinancial IncentiveLoan Program03/21/2002
USDA - Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) GrantsUSFinancial IncentiveGrant Program04/09/2003
Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs - Funding OpportunitiesUSFinancial IncentiveGrant Program05/01/2003
Residential Renewable Energy Tax CreditUSFinancial IncentivePersonal Tax Credit08/10/2005
Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax DeductionUSFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Deduction01/10/2006
Energy-Efficient New Homes Tax Credit for Home BuildersUSFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Credit01/10/2006
Energy-Efficient Appliance Manufacturing Tax CreditUSFinancial IncentiveIndustry Recruitment/Support01/10/2006
Residential Energy Efficiency Tax CreditUSFinancial IncentivePersonal Tax Credit01/10/2006
PNM - Performance-Based Solar ProgramNMFinancial IncentivePerformance-Based Incentive01/17/2006
Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs)USFinancial IncentiveLoan Program05/02/2006
USDA - Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Loan GuaranteesUSFinancial IncentiveLoan Program04/09/2003
Solar Energy Gross Receipts Tax DeductionNMFinancial IncentiveSales Tax Incentive05/25/2007
Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax CreditNMFinancial IncentiveIndustry Recruitment/Support05/25/2007
Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramNMFinancial IncentiveRebate Program06/06/2007
PNM - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramNMFinancial IncentiveRebate Program07/03/2008
U.S. Department of Energy - Loan Guarantee ProgramUSFinancial IncentiveLoan Program09/12/2008
Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs)USFinancial IncentiveLoan Program10/23/2008
Local Option - Renewable Energy Financing District/Solar Energy Improvement Special AssessmentsNMFinancial IncentivePACE Financing07/15/2009
PNM - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate ProgramNMFinancial IncentiveRebate Program08/11/2009
El Paso Electric Company - Commercial Efficiency ProgramNMFinancial IncentiveRebate Program12/15/2009
El Paso Electric Company - Residential Efficiency ProgramNMFinancial IncentiveRebate Program12/15/2009
Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit (Personal)NMFinancial IncentivePersonal Tax Credit12/21/2009
Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit (Corporate)NMFinancial IncentiveCorporate Tax Credit12/21/2009