Partner Energy: Premier Member of the Certification Nation

Energy Star Certification Nation 2014 Premier MemberTo celebrate the 15th Anniversary of ENERGY STAR for Buildings, EPA has recognized Partner Energy as a Premier Member of the 2014 ENERGY STAR Certification Nation for helping to certify more than 15 customer buildings in 2014. On average, ENERGY STAR certified buildings use 35 percent less energy and cause 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings.

What does it mean to become a member of Certification Nation? It means that we’re committed to helping our customers earn ENERGY STAR certification. There is no other environmental certification that has greater potential to save energy, protect the environment, increase sustainability, and help us prepare for the future.

We helped to certify our very first building in 2009. Since that time, Partner Energy has benchmarked 100’s of buildings every year and helped many more achieve their ENERGY STAR certification.

Today, more than 24,000 buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR certificaton, representing a quickly growing national movement to protect the environment through improved energy efficiency. Learn more and see us highlighted on the ENERGY STAR website at

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