Norwalk Towers


Norwalk, CANorwalk Towers

Building Type:

Multifamily Assisted Living Facility

Services Provided:

  • CTCAC Sustainability Support
  • Energy Audit & Modeling
  • Energy Upgrade CA Rebate Support
  • Combustion Appliance Safety Testing




Norwalk Towers Center is an 11-story, 185-unit senior residence located in Southern California. Partner Energy conducted an energy audit in compliance with California Tax Credit Allocation Committee sustainability requirements. In collaboration with building management, Partner evaluated a suite of potential measures that would meet the project’s energy savings goals.

The comprehensive retrofit achieved over 20% modeled energy savings, also qualifying the project for the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Rebate Program. The energy efficiency measures, which included new windows, a solar hot water system, high efficacy lighting and energy efficient appliances made the property eligible for a $127,625 rebate.