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We are a technology and product agnostic company that works with building owners and managers to Identify, Capitalize, & Implement accretive energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability projects.


<h4>Benchmarking energy and water usage is a 3-step process to:</h4>
<li><strong><span style=”color: #0046ad;”>Measure</span> </strong>a building’s current performance by quantifying key performance indicators (KPIs) such as its energy consumption, energy cost, carbon emissions, or <a href=””>ENERGY STAR®</a> or similar rating;</li>
<li><strong><span style=”color: #0046ad;”>Compare</span> </strong>a building’s KPIs to similar buildings, to determine opportunities for reducing usage, lowering cost, and/or green labeling potential; and,</li>
<li><strong><span style=”color: #0046ad;”>Track</span> </strong>improvements to KPIs as projects are implemented.</li>



<p class=”lead”><b>Partner Energy is an HDC-approved provider </b>of Integrated Physical Needs Assessments.</p>







Projected Energy Savings

20% – 24%
25% – 29%
30% – 34%
35% +

Total available incentives (per unit)


Incentives disbursed upon construction completion (per-unit)


Performance-based incentives (per-unit)


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