The Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency adds up to real dollars saved. But reduced utility bills are only the beginning. Energy efficiency measures enable owners, asset managers, architects, residents and communities reap financial benefits while improving quality of life for multiple stakeholders.

Increase Revenue & Asset Value

For building owners, efficiency can increase revenue and asset value. Energy efficient buildings statistically sell at a premium over other buildings and also receive higher rents on average than comparable inefficient buildings.

Reduce Operating Costs

Energy efficient buildings can greatly reduce operating costs.  The energy audits we perform for clients reveal solutions that reduce costs by 10-20% on average and up to 40% in some cases. Since most buildings last for decades, investing in energy efficiency locks in savings for years to come.

Qualify for Government Programs, Rebates and Incentives

Programs to promote more efficient buildings are popping up all over the country. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided $16 billion for efficiency-boosting retrofit and weatherization programs. Partner Energy has helped multiple clients uncover millions of dollars in capital, grants, tax-credits and other incentives through energy efficiency efforts.

Comply with New Laws and Regulations

Many U.S. states have updated their building codes in recent years. New energy regulations are appearing rapidly at both the federal and state level.  Partner Energy’s expertise in energy compliance helps clients navigate changing codes, ordinances and regulations.

Reduce Harmful Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Promote Social Responsibility

Reducing energy consumption leads directly to reduced carbon output and pollution, increasing quality of life for building occupants the surrounding communities. Energy efficiency can lead to recognition for your business through green certification and marketing opportunities. Increasing numbers of commercial and residential tenants are interested in the efficiency and sustainability of the buildings in which they live and operative.

Numerous Other Benefits

In addition to those above, numerous other benefits of energy efficiency are rarely discussed. These include the psychological benefits of using natural lighting sources, making a home or office more comfortable, increasing worker productivity, or making a retail store more appealing to customers. Healthier, better-ventilated buildings, with more natural lighting and systems that run quieter can save money while optimizing the environment inside and out.

Our Services Benefit

  • Building Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Residential Tenants
  • Visitors & Guests
  • Commercial Tenants
  • Customers
  • Surrounding Communities

Our past work has helped increased building value for owner and asset managers , ensured energy-efficient construction design for contractors  and architects and improved the quality of life for building residents, business occupants, retail customers and the surrounding communities.


The Partner Energy Perspective

We call upon our experience and understanding of the latest in sustainable technologies to provide quality solutions and remedies for your properties challenges. Our goal is to help our clients create buildings that are not only healthy for the environment but also healthy for those who live and work inside them.

Partner Energy’s experience in providing consistent, customized, and quality services nationwide to our valued clients and our ability to deliver on-time services set us apart from our competition.