Portfolio Sustainability Management

Partner Energy offers comprehensive portfolio management services for your commercial building portfolio. Portfolio Management combines our full suite of energy efficiency services to pro-actively reduce energy consumption and continually manage your portfolio’s energy management needs. Highlights include:

Portfolio Sustainability Management

  • Benchmarking & Quarterly Reporting
  • Municipal Energy Reporting Requirement
  • Energy Audits
  • Commissioning and Retro-commissioning

Portfolio Management means acting as your portfolio’s on hand energy efficiency consultant. For commercial building portfolios across the country Partner Energy provides a blend of fixed schedule energy consumption reports and on demand energy consultations. This works especially well for portfolio owners where each building is managed by a separate property management company. Regular (monthly, quarterly, annually) reporting is provided to the building owner and on demand services are provided at the request of property managers. On demand services typically include commissioning new building systems, managing the bid process, fulfilling city energy reporting requirements, document review, LEED certification, and increasing ENERGY STAR scores.

For further information on accessing the sustainability performance of portfolios, check out our GRESB page.

Portfolio Case Studies

TA Realty Benchmarking and Energy Audits

TA Realty