GRESB Reporting and Advisory Services

Investor Engagement and Reporting

Global Real Estate GRESB Premier PartnerSustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is an industry-driven organization committed to assessing the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios and funds (public, private and direct) around the globe.

GRESB is used by institutional investors to evaluate and engage their real estate investments with the aim to improve the sustainability performance of their funds.


Asset Level Implementation Services

A driving force in the GRESB survey is individual building energy data collection, tracking, and improvement. Partner Energy can provide these critical energy services to fund managers on a selected building basis or portfolio-wide:

Benchmarking is designed to provide a coordinated approach to monitoring, optimizing, managing, and reporting on energy usage and costs across a portfolio of owned and operated facilities.

The Energy Audit provides a hands-on assessment of a building’s energy usage, its energy-using equipment, and building conditions that may cause excessive energy consumption. Once a building’s energy consumption is understood, projects that can reduce energy consumption or Energy Conversation Measures (ECMs) can be identified and implemented.

Retro-commissioning is a process that seeks to improve how building equipment and systems function together. Depending on the age of the building, retro-commissioning can often resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that have developed throughout the building’s life.


Assessment Advisory Services

The GRESB survey is comprised of discrete sections, each intending to take a deep dive into the portfolio. Collectively they provide a holistic view of the fund’s decision making framework and results, navigating the survey itself can be a challenging task. Partner Energy can help fund managers prioritize and focus their approach in a manner consistent with maximizing their fund’s GRESB score.

Our GRESB leadership

Partner Energy hosted the first ever West Coast GRESB Results Event in 2015 and Investor Analyst Training in 2016.

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