Green Globes Certification

The Green Building Initiatives Green Globes LogoThe Green Building Initiative™ (GBI) offers Green Globes certification for both new construction (NC) and existing buildings (EB). Both programs are based upon a 1000 point scale with criteria weighted according to their impact on the environment.

The largest point allocation is in the Energy assessment area. The use of weighted criteria provides flexibility for building owners by removing prerequisites, incorporating the use of non-applicable criteria and offering partial credit. This flexibility allows the owner to concentrate on environmental features that are pertinent to their building, while avoiding undue and unnecessary scoring penalties and fees.

Green Globes is an approved certification standard for Fannie Mae Multifamily Green Financing and Freddie Mac Multifamily Green Advantage.

For more information about the certification process, please call 888.826.1216 or email:

Green Globes Certification FAQs

How long does it take?

Green Globes has a built-in mechanism for expediting the certification process aimed at meeting the time frame of financing and refinancing. Under their expedited service, Green Globes promises certification (if obtained) within 30 days of payment (fee applies). This, in addition to Partner Energy’s needed time, puts the timeframe between 6-8 weeks from start to finish.

What properties are good candidates?
Green Globes offers the longest window which a property is considered new construction (18 months) and therefore is appropriate for properties that have recently finished construction. Green Globes is best suited for new or existing properties that have existing sustainability measures in place and are looking for a quick turnaround.

What tenant interaction is required?
Green Globes requires a non-invasive site visit that includes collecting information from residential units, however it is acceptable to use vacant and show units in lieu of occupied units.

How extensive is the utility data collection?
Green Globes recognizes that obtaining whole building data can be difficult for multi-family buildings and therefore only requires utility data for common areas.