Other Green Certification

There are a variety of reasons businesses are pursuing green certification. Certification of a building can be done because of local mandates and code requirements, project financing requirements such as CTCAC, for marketing purposes, and/or for operational costs savings and increased property valuation. There are a number of green certification systems available in today’s market, including:

  • EarthCraft
  • Net Zero
  • Living Building Challenge

In many cities, institutions, and organizations in the United States, a third-party green building certification is required when publicly funded money is being used towards a project. Additionally, green certification is a good fiscal decision for a building, as a project may qualify for tax incentives, rebates and various other government programs to offset costs. Buildings will also experience reduced operational expenses, and see an increase in property value and lease/sales prices.  Finally, from a marketing and outreach perspective, green certification demonstrates business leadership and a management philosophy that values the community and environment.

Partner Energy can work with your business to achieve green certification. Our certified experts have broad experience with a variety of programs, and are extremely familiar with all relevant processes, requirements and expectations. Our green certification services include Energy Star, LEED and GreenPoint Rated.