Due Diligence

A Green Physical Needs Assessment (PNA), also known as a Green Property Condition Report (PCR) or Green Property Condition Assessment, offers the user advice on how to optimally run the asset that is being purchased.

A Green PNA essentially combines a standard PNA and a streamlined Energy Audit to provide in-depth information on the building condition and increasing operational efficiency. Green PNAs also may also look at water-saving measures, renewable energy use, and potential recycled or otherwise “green” materials for renovations or additions. These items can increase operational efficiency, but “Green Labeled” buildings can also offer increased marketability, potential rent increases, increases in absorption and decreases in vacancy. Green PNAs are highly customizable based on the client’s capital investment goals.

Property Condition ReportsPartner Due Diligence

Partner’s Property Condition Reports provide our clients with a full understanding of the condition of a all improvements to a real estate asset. The Property Condition Report evaluates the following building systems: roof, structure, foundation, HVAC, utilities, pavement systems, building envelope, and energy use.

Probable Maximum Loss Reports

Partner’s PML Reports evaluate how buildings will perform in seismic events. The PML tool is used by lenders and investor to understand their seismic risk for a single asset or for their entire portfolio.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

Partner’s Phase 1 ESAs identify past and present environmental liabilities associated with a real estate asset. Most reports are done to ASTM Standard 1527-05 and meet the requirements of the most scrutinizing lenders and investors.

Construction Monitoring

Partner provides lenders with construction progress monitoring reporting nationwide. Our engineers and construction specialist evaluate payment request and evaluate project costs for lenders.

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