Century City Medical Plaza

Location:Century City Medical Plaza

Century City, CA

Building Type:



220,295 sf

Services Provided:

  • Energy Audit


Century City Medical Plaza was built in 1969 and has approximately 90% occupancy. The building has 19 above-grade floors and four below-grade floors. The total conditioned space is approximately 220,295 square feet. Below-grade floors are unconditioned and used as a parking garage. The total covered parking lot area is approximately 175,080 SF.

AnĀ ASHRAE Level III investment grade energy audit is more detailed than a level I or II energy audit. As part of the scope of work, Partner Energy conducted multiple site visits and monitored the energy usage of the building for more than two weeks.

The comprehensive energy audit scope included records collection, and utility rates analysis, interviews with key staff and contractors, assessment of current equipment age and condition, field measurement, data logging, trending analysis, identification and analysis of potential upgrade opportunities, energy modeling, and identification and quantification of local, state, federal, and utility incentives. The project was financed with Los Angeles Commercial Building Partnership and Energy Policy Act (EPAct).

Based on the information analyzed to date, projections of savings, costs, rebates, and incentive amounts were accurate within +/- 10%, consistent with industry best practices. As a result of the energy audit, Partner Energy was able to provide the client with recommended energy efficiency measures with an estimated payback period of under seven years, and an annual cost savings of over $100,000 per year.