Centerpointe La Palma – Energy Audit

Centerpointe La PalmaLocation:

La Palma, CA

Building Type:

Mixed-Use Office


370,666 sf

Services Provided:

  • Energy Audit Level I & II


Centerpointe La Palma is a 370,666 SF mixed-use office complex that contains three multi-tenant office buildings located in La Palma, CA.  The three buildings were constructed between 1986 and 1990.  A 251,245 SF parking lot is located next to the buildings.

All of the property’s energy consuming systems were inventoried and evaluated for proper operation.  Data collected during the on-site visit included: equipment nameplate information, building occupancy schedules, equipment-operating times, and utility bills.  Partner Energy used the information obtained during the on-site visit to develop a comprehensive computer model of the facility’s energy use.  Based on the model of present energy usage, we developed a list of potential Energy Efficiency Measures or “EEMs”. Each EEM was evaluated and prioritized based on estimated energy operating cost savings, estimated installation cost, projected Simple Payback Period, and anticipated incentive or rebate amount.

The recommended EEMs included upgrades and retrofits to lighting and HVAC systems such as adding and/or replacing motion detectors, lamps and ballasts, garage lighting and installing high-efficiency air conditioning units, chillers and cooling fans in place of older systems. These recommendations, if implemented, were estimated to save 1,294,034 KWh and $190,702 per year, and provide a simple payback period of 6.55 years.