New York NYSERDA Multifamily Energy Audits

New Buildings

The NYSERDA Multifamily Building Performance Program aims to make high-rise residential building more valuable. Financial incentives are available through NYSERDA based on the projected energy savings of the building.

Partner Energy is an approved provider through the Multifamily Building Performance Program and will work with the design team to incorporate potential energy efficiency options to ensure ENERGY STAR guidelines are fulfilled. After completion, Partner Energy will conduct tests and inspections to confirm that the final project matches the energy-efficient design and receives the ENERGY STAR designation.

To be eligible for the Multifamily Performance Program the building must have five or more units and more than three stories.

Existing Buildings

Eligible buildings must have five or more units regardless of stories and may contain nonresidential-related commercial space if that space does not consist of more than 50% of the gross heated square footage of the entire project.

Eligible buildings are required to benchmark their energy performance compared to a set of similar buildings. Depending on their relative rank, they are assigned a performance target to achieve. Implementation of an Energy Reduction Plan and confirmation of achievement of the target make buildings eligible for NYSERDA incentives.

Partner Energy is an approved provider of energy efficiency services through the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program, and can help clients improve the value of their buildings and reduce energy costs.

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