New Hampshire Pay for Performance

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission’s Pay for Performance Program addresses the energy efficiency needs of the commercial, industrial, institutional and multifamily sectors by working with building owners and their representatives to improve the energy efficiency of existing commercial and industrial buildings. Partner Energy is an Approved Provider for the Pay for Performance Program. We facilitate the application process for clients, helping them maximize the incentives offered by the program.

The Pay for Performance Program is open to existing commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal buildings. Participants must work with an approved Pay for Performance Partner to develop an Energy Reduction Plan and facilitate the recommended energy efficiency improvements.

In order to receive the full suite of incentives offered in the Program, the submitted ERP must include a package of energy efficiency measures that meet or exceed the minimum source energy savings reduction target. The work scope must be comprehensive and include at least two distinct energy efficiency measures.

Incentive #1

Submittal of complete Energy Reduction Plan prepared by an approved Program Partner – Contingent on moving forward, incentives will be between $5,000 and $50,000 based on approximately $.10 per square foot, not to exceed 50% of the facility’s annual energy expense.

Incentive #2

Installation of all recommended measures – Incentives are based on the projected level of electricity and gas savings, which will be “trued-up” after one year based on actual savings.

Incentive #3

Completion of Measurement and Verification Report– A completed report verifying energy reductions based on one year of post-implementation results is required. Incentives for electricity savings and natural gas savings will be paid based on actual savings, provided that the minimum performance threshold of 15% savings have been achieved.