Chicago, IL ComEd Retro-Commissioning Program

Partner Energy is pleased to announce our acceptance as a Retro-Commissioning Agent for the ComEd Smart Ideas®  Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Program. ComEd is a utility service provider in Chicago & Northern Illinois. ComEd’s RCx program provides no cost retro-commissioning studies on qualified buildings located in the ComEd service territory. Additionally, the program has incentives available for gas and electric savings generated by the RCx services. For detailed information on the 2014-2015 program, please view ComEd’s website.


Identify low cost/no cost solutions for building owners and managers.


    • ComEd pays the full cost of the Retro-Commissioning study (estimated value of between $20,000 to $100,000, depending on building size)
    • Study identifies energy saving opportunities through a systematic evaluation of energy-using systems for low cost and no-cost improvements
    • Existing facilities are required to be non-public buildings that are served under a ComEd commercial rate and have a minimum peak demand of  500 kW or greater
    • Owner selects low-cost or no-cost measures for implementation
    • Five (5) percent reduction in baseline peak demand, on average
    • Median payback for RCx measures is 1.1 years
    • Owner commits to spending $15,000 for buildings < 600k SF (or $30,000 for buildings >600k SF), on implementation of identified measures with payback of less than 18 months
    • Owner commits to sending one facility staff member to Building Operator Certification Training
    • Must use pre-approved Retro-Commissioning  (RCx) or Monitoring- Based Commissioning (MBCx )service provider (Partner Energy is a pre-approved RCx service provider)

In April of 2014, ComEd expanded the traditional RCx offering to increase engagement of mid-sized commercial buildings.

  • Reduced reporting, timelines, financial obligation, and staff time.
  • Targets ‘mid-size facilities’ ranging from 150,000 to 400,000 SF with centrally controlled BAS with DDC
  • Buildings with savings targets of less than 7 GWh/yr. 150,000 kWh+ makes it cost effective
  • Larger buildings with limited scope are eligible (ie. large multifamily residential properties with a focus on common areas)
  • Client commits to spending $5,000 to $8,000 in the measures before study begins


  • Reduction in building operating costs
  • Extended equipment service lifetime
  • Increase in asset value
  • Free technical analysis
  • Low implementation cost
  • Cash incentives
  • Payback of typically less than 1.5 years
  • Increased tenant comfort
  • Longer equipment life
  • Third party validation
  • Building operator certification training


For more information on ComEd Retro-commissioning, please watch this video: