HUD PHA 24 CFR Part 905

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Public and Indian Housing is issuing a rule in summer 2012 to require synchronization of Energy Audits and Physical Needs Assessments into a Green Physical Needs Assessment (Green PNA), and will require measurement of the cost effectiveness of energy conservation measures.   Under current requirement 24 CFR 905 & CFR 965 Subpart C, all Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) are required to have an Energy Audit performed every five years and Public Housing Authorities greater than 250 units are also required to perform a Physical Needs Assessment every five years, with no minimum staff qualifications to perform either the Energy Audit or PNA.  New requirements are requiring all Public Housing Authorities, regardless of size, to perform a Green PNA – A PNA in conjunction with an Energy Audit – every five years.

Additional changes to the PNA/Energy Audit requirements include a twenty year planning period (previously was five years), requiring HUD Capital Planning Tool instead of PHA Capital Planning Tool, and establishing minimum qualifications for both PNA providers and for Energy Audit providers, such as PE or CEM.

Final rules are to be released in Summer 2012.  Twelve months from final rule, PHAs will be required to complete a PNA and an Energy Audit.

Partner Energy has extensive experience conducing Green PNA’s and Energy Audits. Our team includes Professional Engineers (PEs) and Certified Energy Managers (CEMs).