Energy Upgrade CA, PACE

Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Program

The Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Program in Southern California is accepting applications from property owners interested in saving money on utility bills by making energy upgrades to their multifamily buildings.

The program offers valuable resources to support energy upgrades including:

  • An energy consultant to help you identify cost-effective upgrade measures.
  • Cash incentives to help offset an energy audit and installation of energy conservation measures.
  • Technical support throughout the upgrade process.

Partner Energy is an approved provider for all of the Energy Upgrade California programs.

Los Angeles County PACE

PACE financing gives commercial property owners in Los Angeles County a way to finance up to 100 percent of the cost of installing energy efficiency, renewable energy and water-saving improvements, and enjoy lower energy and water bills immediately. More than 90 percent of cities in Los Angeles County have adopted PACE.

Partner Energy is considered an eligible auditor by PACE for projects installing energy efficiency measures, where an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit is required. For details and eligibility requirements, visit Los Angeles County PACE.