Xcel Energy Recommissioning Program

Businesses in Colorado and Minnesota can earn rebates and energy savings through our Recommissioning program. Save up to 15% on your building energy costs. Improve the efficiency of your building systems and reduce your facility operations costs.

Recommissioning includes a tuning up of existing functional systems to run as efficiently as possible through low- or no-cost improvements. Recommissioning consists of two steps, Diagnosis, otherwise known as a Recommissioning Study, and Implementation. Xcel Energy offers rebates for Recommissioning studies and the implementation of recommissioning measures.


With the Xcel Recommissioning program, your business can:

  • Be eligible for rebates on both the cost of the study and measures implemented.
  • Save as much as 15% on energy bills.
  • Earn valuable credits for environmental programs and increase your ENERGY STAR® score.
  • Achieve comfortable and convenient energy efficiency for both your organization and/or tenants.
  • Increase equipment life and reduce wear and tear.
  • Receive independent, objective and expert direction on energy-saving options.


To qualify, the property must be a Xcel Energy business customer served with natural gas and/or electricity within our service area in Minnesota.


This Recommissioning program covers both previously commissioned buildings (Recommissioning) and buildings that were never formally commissioned through Xcel Energy (Retrocommissioning).

Examples of typical recommissioning measures include:

  • Calibration/tune-up of Energy Management System points
  • Adjustment of outside air and return dampers
  • Resetting the chilled water and hot water supply temperatures
  • Optimizing start/stop of air handlers and makeup air units (early shutdown in the evening, late start in the morning)
  • Resetting of a chiller’s condenser water temperature
  • Eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling

Step 1 – Diagnosis (Recommissioning Study)

For the diagnosis stage, Xcel will fund up to 75% of the cost of the study, not exceeding $25,000. The scope of the study includes an assessment of operating mechanical systems and a written report that includes energy-saving recommendations.

Step 2 – Implementation

For the implementation stage, customer can choose which measures to implement. Electric or natural gas rebates are offered that cover up to 60% of the cost of implementation.

For more information please visit the Xcel Energy website.

To view a Recommissioning case study, watch this video: