Arbor Green Named Honoree for Gold Nugget Award of Merit

Partner Energy’s Arbor Green project is being named as an Honoree for the Gold Nugget Award of Merit. The project is being recognized in the category for “Best Zero Net Energy Design”. Presented by the PCBC, the Gold Nugget Awards are the oldest and most prestigious design awards in the nation. The Awards give recognition to those who improve communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development.

Arbor Green is a three-story, 40-unit, affordable housing property located in Carson, California, developed by Affirmed Housing Group. With the help of Affirmed Housing Group, Withee Malcom Architects, and Darsono Design, Partner Energy worked to create a zero net strategy designed to minimize the cost of utilities for tenants and significantly reduce energy usage. Zero net energy (ZNE) buildings use about as much energy as they produce on-site.

A large contributing factor to the reduced energy usage involved the installation a 120 kW rooftop photovoltaic solar system to offset an energy load by 90 percent. Solar thermal systems were also installed that offset an energy load by 89 percent for water heaters.

The apartment complex performs 41.6 percent better than standard through the use of efficient insulation installation, reduced duct leakage, and proper refrigerants in the HVAC units.

This project also utilizes Energy Star rated refrigerators, dishwashers, and clothes washers, which significantly reduces energy usage compared to standard appliances. Through the use of T8 and CFL lamps, this property utilizes 100 percent high-efficacy lighting fixtures.

The property is also equipped with low-flow water fixtures for toilets, shower heads, and bathroom faucets. Outdoor water conservation was achieved due to high efficiency irrigation systems and drought tolerant landscaping design. As a result of these efforts, water usage was reduced by 47 percent.

Outstanding pedestrian access to local community resources was also established with over 14 basic community resources located within a half-mile radius of the project site. This was done in order to reduce the need for vehicle use for general errands.

Upon completion, innovative energy-efficient design strategy successfully cut the monthly utility cost for tenants down by 80 percent.

Award of Merit Winners are voted top recipients for their categories and are finalists for the Grand Award. The 52nd Annual Gold Nugget Awards will be held Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center.

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