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Utility benchmarking is a critical step toward understanding a facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Utility Data Collection

Partner Energy works with owners with all types of assets and ownership structures to collect whole building energy, water, and waste data. Partner Energy has extensive experience in asset data collection.

Our methodology for utility data collection includes:
  • data collection through third parties
  • automated utility uploads
  • automated data collection through sign-ins
  • direct contact with tenants and property managers
  • providing annual meter-reads on-site
  • supporting technology that allows for automated data collection


Benchmarking energy and water usage is a 3-step process that:
  1. Measures a building’s current performance by quantifying key performance indicators (KPIs) such as energy consumption, energy cost, carbon emissions, or ENERGY STAR® rating or other similar rating;
  2. Compares a building’s KPIs to similar buildings to determine opportunities for reducing usage, lowering cost, and/or green labeling potential; and,
  3. Tracks improvements to KPIs once energy and water efficiency measures are implemented.

Benchmarking Throughout the Building Lifecycle

Benchmarking may be required at various points in a building’s lifecycle. For example:

  • Lenders may require benchmarking during acquisition or resyndication.
  • Borrowers and owners may use benchmarking to qualify for financing or to measure and report progress against energy efficiency goals.
  • The state, city and/or county may have energy disclosure laws that make benchmarking mandatory for certain commercial, multifamily and/or government buildings. Most laws of this type require annual periodic reports to verify compliance.

Mandatory Benchmarking Requirements

Partner Energy tracks current and emerging energy disclosure laws to help our clients avoid surprises. We can manage benchmarking requirements for your building or portfolio to ensure you are in compliance. The specific requirements of these policies vary and are subject to change. Click here for a summary and description of benchmarking and disclosure laws in the United States.

Partner Energy is an ENERGY STAR Partner logo

ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking

  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® is part of the greater ENERGY STAR® network supported jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® is an online tool property owners use to measure and track KPIs.
  • Any type of building can be benchmarked.
  • Most states, cities and other jurisdictions with energy disclosure laws require that property owners use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to report energy and/or water use.
  • Select property types can receive a 1-100 ENERGY STAR® Score. The score, which is based on energy consumption and property characteristics, compares the benchmarked property to similar properties nationwide. A score of 75 indicates that the building performs better than 75 percent of similar properties.
  • Multifamily properties can also receive an EPA 1-100 Water Score which is based on water consumption.

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